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FAQ for Franchising


How does Artisan LaPetite manage its roast profiling?

Does Artisan LaPetite travel to coffee growing countries?

Does Artisan LaPetite source and sell sustainable coffees such as Organic and Fair Trade?

Will you provide samples in order that my staff and I can taste a selection of coffees?

What are the most popular coffees currently served in my style restaurant?

Does Artisan LaPetite provide coffee shop start up and product training?

Will you come back and retrain my staff if there is turnover?

Does Artisan LaPetite have a branded Artisan LaPetite Product program to help me sell coffees in my restaurant?

Can Artisan LaPetite help me grow my restaurant’s beverage and overall profitability?

What other products does Artisan LaPetite Products carry?

Does Artisan LaPetite have a retail program?